I teach courses in the field of data science, such as machine/deep learning and statistics, and scientific programming in Python and R.

My approach focuses on delivering complex concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand way, with an emphasis on the practical side. My students particularly appreciate the clarity and conciseness of my lectures and the interactive Q&A and hands-on exercises that I incorporate into my teaching.

In addition to my classroom teaching at the University of Trento, I offer online courses and workshops to reach a wider audience.

Contact me to arrange tailored training that meets your needs!

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Upcoming courses

“Programming in Python” (9 hrs) (in Italian)
Feb 14-15, 2024
Online @ Alta Formazione Insubria (info & enroll)

Training & workshops

In collaboration with Physalia Courses:

Online course “Advanced Python for Life Sciences” (20 hrs)
Nov 20-24, 2023

In collaboration with Alta Formazione Insubria:

Online course “Base statistics” (6 hrs)
Dec 5, 2023

Online course “Programming with Python” (6-9 hrs)
Feb 2021, Apr 2022, Feb 2023

Online course “Introduction to Data Science” (5 days)
Oct 2022, Jun 2023

Online course “Introduction to Machine Learning” (9-12 hrs)
Jun/Oct 2020, Apr 2021, Feb 2022, Mar 2023

Online course “Advanced R programming” (6 hrs)
May 2021, Feb 2022, Oct 2023

Online course “Bioinformatics for single-cell sequencing” (6 hrs)
Nov 2021

Other courses:

Course “Introduction to Machine Learning” (12 hrs)
Bayer AG, Berlin
Jul 2019

Course “Machine Learning from Scratch” (12 hrs)
Within the EMBO practical course “Population genomics: Background, tools and programming”
Apr 2019

Academic courses

Course “Statistical Learning” (34 hrs)
UniTN Data Science Degree
Teaching Assistant
AA 2019/2020, 2020/2021, 2021/2022, 2022/2023, 2023/2024

Course “Data Visualization Lab” (32 hrs)
UniTN Data Science Degree
Teaching Assistant
AA 2021/2022, 2022/2023, 2023/2024

Course “Introduction to Statistics” (18 hrs)
UniTN Data Science Summer School
2020, 2021, 2022

Course “Studies on Human Behaviour” (20 hrs)
UniTN Data Science Degree
Teaching Assistant
AA 2021/2022, 2022/2023